About us

Welcome to the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club

A vast 220-acre estate of pure uninhibited British countryside
The home of modern polo.

The Berkshire, near Windsor, stands out as one of the UK’s top-tier polo clubs and classic events spaces, boasting world-class sporting facilities, including six pristine polo fields, the UK’s first all-weather polo arena, stabling to accommodate over 200 horses, two tennis courts, a croquet lawn and an esteemed polo academy.

Founded by the late rock and roll impresario Bryan Morrison, RCBPC has been at the forefront of fashionable society since founding member HRH The Prince of Wales officially opened the club in 1985. Throughout the years, the club and its legendary members’ clubhouse has proved a centre of convergence for Hollywood superstars and rock and roll royalty to bond over a love of polo without the antiquated social barriers of traditional clubs.

RCBPC is proud to host the world’s most prestigious players and horses during our dynamic year-long social calendar of events, ranging from beginners’ polo to High Goal (22), as well as summer tournaments such as The Prince of Wales Trophy and winter tournaments such as the famous Arena Gold Cup.

Today, RCBPC represents an internationally renowned sports and lifestyle universe that seeks to further innovate and develop polo as a truly inclusive sport fit for the modern world.

‘There is no ceiling as to where the Royal County of Berkshire Polo club can go and we hope that you can join the many other people who love the club on this wonderful journey of top level sport, entertainment, fashion and above all helping great causes at home and abroad.’ - Jamie Morrison CEO.

The history

Polo: a marriage of equine history and sheer rock and roll. Our late founder Bryan Morrison, a distinguished businessman and music mogul in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, had a hand in the careers of none other than Pink Floyd, The Jam, The Bee Gees, George Michael and many more. After unexpectedly becoming intoxicated by sport polo and the accompanying lifestyle, in 1985 he purchased a rundown estate with the vision and intent to convert the land into a lavish club that ran by its own rules. In 1986, just one year after he purchased the land, Morrison succeeded in the monumental task of converting the 220-acre estate into a fully functioning polo club with HRH The Prince of Wales opening the club as its first member.

Interestingly, the estate was originally the site of the Windsor Forest Stud, a former racing yard that, in its heyday, sent its best runners to the neighbouring Royal Ascot just one mile away. To this day, the stud’s signature race rail and gallops remain on the grounds as a reminder of their equine history. The marriage of the land’s prestigious horse racing history and Morrison’s rock and roll legacy has given birth to an unquestionably modern club that holds true to the wild, unpredictable and exhilarating spirit of polo.

Morrison has been widely credited with revolutionising and re-popularising polo, with RCBPC serving as a crucible of change in the modern era of polo in the UK. In 2005, Morrison started a global sports/lifestyle clothing brand that reflects the excellence, authenticity and exclusivity of the ever-fashionable Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club. Bryan’s son Jamie Morrison, the club’s current chairman, will ensure that RCBPC continues to be the vanguard of polo, leading with its current extensive expansion programme, which will provide two new state-of-the-art fields, amongst many more exciting developments. ‘Our aim is to cement the club’s stature as a world-class polo and equestrian facility alongside a modern relevant fashion brand that pushes boundaries for generations to come.’ - Jamie Morrison CEO.

The Game

‘Polo is a fast-paced, high-contact sport played on horseback between two teams of four players using mallets (sticks) to drive a ball down the field in between goal posts 8 yards apart. The game is structured into periods of 7½ minutes long called ‘chukkas.’

‘Oh you who are driven by the mallet of fate’ 11th-century poet Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

An ancient game dating back to as early as 600 BC, polo was first played by military men in North Persia in preparation for the battlefield with as many as 100 men a side.
The word ‘polo’ has its roots in the Tibetan name for ball and also the root of the Tibetan ‘pulu’ willow tree, from which the balls were fashioned.
Known as the ‘game of kings’, polo spread throughout Asia and then throughout the world as primarily the pastime of nobility and warriors.
The first European polo club was established in India by British tea planters in 1859, and before long, the sport became a standard part of a British cavalry officer’s training.


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