Arena Polo "Night time polo… in winter?"

Built in 1988, the RCBPC Arena, was the first of its kind in the world outside the US. A purpose built, state of the art arena, built specifically for Polo.

Our founder, whilst on business in Chicago, during winter, spotted a sign for “Polo” in the middle of the city. Intrigued, he followed the signs and arrived at the Chicago Armory.

“Night time polo…in winter?”

What he saw as he entered the building was an indoor covered arena with around 800+ people enjoying a spectacular evening of fast paced polo. So impressed was he by the polo at ‘The Armory’, the sport having been played there in the city since 1879 and there since 1925, that upon his return to the UK he set about building an arena at the club.

From this seed, the winter season has grown. Now twenty seven years later, arena polo is a reference, with full HPA rules and handicaps.

“Today arena polo is played in 29 clubs, by over 1000 men, women, boys and girls around the country, that is Bryan’s legacy. Bryan Morrison, Godfather of Arena Polo”

Herbert Spencer (quote from 2011)