The Game Learn about the roots of the game

The word Polo has its roots in the Tibetan name for ball & the root of the Tibetan “Pulu” Willow tree, from where balls were fashioned.


tib. (po lo) ball:

Polo is the most ancient and noble of games. Used as martial training on horseback and equally as the marking of the education of a young incumbent to manhood.

Polo is not for the feint hearted, neither is it the folly of the rich. It is a brave and noble sport that has its origins and lineage back into the great horse back traditions of modern and ancient times. Great horsemen and great horses make for the pursuit of a highly paced and fearless sport.

One of the oldest known sports, polo is thought to have originated in Persia in the sixth century BC and has been enjoyed in many parts of the world ever since.

It was introduced to England in 1869 by the 10th Hussars in Aldershot. Known as ‘the sport of Kings’ – but in reality open to a much wider public – polo is now played in many countries but professionally in only around a dozen.