Join multi award-winning restaurateur Bradley Green as he cooks a superb lunch in the exclusive Royal Pavilion before the Polo Festival finals on the 17th of August.

Diners will enjoy a refined lunch with wines matched to the menu before getting to watch the match form the best seats in the house.



Glass of champagne on arrival. 


Heirloom Tomato and Burrata Salad with Truffle oil (v) 


Chicken liver, juniper berry & Hendricks gin parfait on crostini with red pepper jam. 


Pan roasted duck breast, saffron cream whipped potatoes, honey glazed carrots, sauté fine beans & leek string.  


Roasted Aubergine and Viognier risotto with braised chicory and mixed micro greens. (v) 


Homemade sticky toffee pudding with vanilla pod ice-cream. 

Guests will have wines served with lunch. A paid bar will be available for other drinks. 

Join Chef, restauranteur, TV personality, author and presenter Gino D'Acampo for a fantastico Italian lunch.

1:00pm Sunday 10th Nov 2019

Guests will and have a chance to meet, chat and eat with Gino and get a signed copy of this most recent cookbook. 


Fantastico Italian food - menu tbc. 


Masterchef winner Saliha hosted a sumptuous Indian lunch in the Royal Pavilion during the John Prestwich Final - June 2019! 


Amuse Bouche: Spinach, Pakistani Walnut and Yoghurt Soup 

Polo remains an extremely popular sport in the Northern regions of Pakistan. Mothers and wives of polo players will sit before matches, cracking open freshly harvested walnuts. These oily, earthy flavoured walnuts are lovingly offered to players pre- match, to build strength, invigorate and improve agility on the field

Starter: Mango Sweetcorn Chaat, Green Chutney, Tamarind, Sweetened Curd

Shandur is an area situated in Gilgit Biltistan. Every year since 1936, in the month of July, Shandur hosts the historical Shandur Polo Festival. An event which attracts people from far and wide, the array of street food available to visitors is extraordinary. This dish, is an assault to the senses, paying homage to the street food that celebrates the Polo festival today.  

Main Course: Deboned Masala Roast Chicken, Roasted Grapes, Vermicelli Rice, Spiced Stuffing, Gravy 

At the time of the Raj, tired Polo players would often enjoy a roast dinner after the match. The food served in local Club houses and Gymkhanas was a unique amalgamation of Anglo-Indian recipes, cooking techniques and flavours. These recipes from the Colonial era have been lost through time, but remembered today at this banquet. 

Dessert: Rose Kheer with Cardamom and Jaggery syrup soaked Golden Sultanas and Apricots, Candied Nuts and Flowers

In northern Pakistan, festivities are marked with sweet food. Kheer, a famous rice pudding is prepared slowly overnight until the milk and rice slowly thicken. The magic of time takes it course and humble ingredients become more than the sum of their component parts. Floral scents, cardamom and jaggery embellish this memorable dessert, which has certainly been given the MasterChef treatment today


May 2019

As we announced our new dining club initiative for 2019; we were very excited to welcome the first of our chefs, Archie Clarke to the Prince of Wales Trophy Final on May 18th. Archie is founder of The Kochi Kitchen, and he brought the best of Keralan inspired, food to the special day. Archie combined traditional elements of Keralan cooking with British ingredients and a contemporary touch in a five - course, light summer lunch within the beautiful Royal Pavilion. Thank you Archie; your food was enjoyed by all.